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Supreme Court Replaces Form 4 with new Form 4C in Civil Trial Matters

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On September 22, the Supreme Court issued an administrative order, which replaces the current Form 4 used for judgments/dispositions in civil matters in the Circuit Court with Form 4C.  The new Form 4C, which can be found here at, has been revised to permit chambers/clerks to provide clearer/greater detail about the disposition (e.g., prevailing party, amount of verdict) so as to ensure this information makes its way to the public index.  Use of the new Form 4C will become mandatory on October 17, 2011.

Click here for the administrative order dated September 22, 2011:


Re-Rolling Out South Carolina Appellate Lawyer

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I’ve spent the day re-reading the Advance Sheets from the last several months. While reviewing the recent decisions of our Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, I thought about South Carolina Appellate Lawyer and regretted that I had let it do into dormancy. I truly love appellate advocacy and enjoy reading/analyzing the cases that emanate from our appellate courts. To that end, I resolved to resurrect South Carolina Appellate Lawyer and make it go-to reading for folks wanting to know what’s up in Columbia re: appellate decisions.

Keep it locked here for up-to-date news and reviews of appellate goings on.